The Loneliest Zodiac

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The Loneliest Zodiac

Everybody gets lonely at times.  Some of these lonely moments comes from depression, anxiety, relationship problems, insecurities, or a mass of other reasons.  Another reason could be the nature of their zodiac sign.  Every sign has the ability of being lonely but some signs are almost structured to have a isolated mentality.  Some people may think that the most emotinal signs are the most loneliest zodiac signs.  All and all it comes from a unexpected sign, the Sagittarius.


You never know how a Sagittarius feels deeply.  They never show their emotional side because they don't like to show their weaknesses.  A lot of their sense of humor comes from pain and emptiness.  To a Sagittarius its better to create a wall so they don't have to deal with the emotional oncomings.  They have a strong ability to kill bad memories without telling anybody.  It can be times where you see a Sagittarius smiling to themselves and its because they are thinking about their screw ups in the past.  The mind of a Sagittarius is always running, matter of fact it runs so fast that they can't keep up with their own mind.  One of the things that adds to the speed of their brains, is they feel as if they have to solve all their problems on their own.  Although they will help anybody and everybody with their personal short comings.  Which is another reason everybody loves the friendly Sagittarius.  


Some Sagittarius that don't know how to control the rapid pace of emotions and realities in their minds, find themselves finding ways to escape the rest of the world.  A Sagittarius can allow themselves to be their own worst enemy, which makes them one of the most premier loneliest zodiac signs


  • Kinin

    Sad AF get a goddamned life

  • Srishty

    I completely agree. Beyond the facade of a fun anf frolic person that they can be, they are always hiding themselves from being understood.

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