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  Everybody has traits and characteristics that they are extremely proud of in life.  Matter of fact, we tend to over look our strengths instead of embracing them.  When you mention your zodiac sign to a person, people are quickly to point out the negative things they don't like about that sign.  People rarely glorify the positives.  Self-confidence can be displayed in so many different ways, and knowing your positive capabilities is one way to boost it.  Each zodiac sign has something they can be proud and grateful for. Here is what each sign have to be proud of: Aries...

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Biggest criminal zodiacs, What zodiac signs are the most dangerous, What Zodiacs are the biggest criminals, What zodiacs kill the most, Zodiacs with the biggest criminals -

When it comes to danger or committing crimes nobody is exempt.  The dreason people tend to commit crimes or behave extremely dangerously can factor in many reasons.  Childhood trauma, psychological issues, mental health reasons, or maybe a person has just had enough.  We will never know the true reason why or what causes a individual to make certain decisions (leave that to the doctors).  From a astrology perspective some signs are more likely to be more dangerous then others.  So lets talk about it!! Aries The ram of course does not like taking orders.  Their rebillious nature of authority may...

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Characterisitics of a aquarius man, Characterisitics of a aquarius woman, How much love does a aquarius receive, The strengths of a aquarius, What are aquarius jobs, What are the strengths of a aquarius, What are the weaknesses of a aquarius, What famous celebrities are aquarius, who is compatible with a aquarius -

DATE:  1/20 -2/18QUALITY:  FixedALIAS: The Water BearerELEMENT: Air     Friendly yet to themselves, devoted but sometimes lack emotion, smart and innovative but also a stubborn and a independent rebellion.  The Aquarius is famous for contradictions.  Aquarius tends to deviate away from the crowd and go and do things their own way.  They like to be alone but also like to be social.  They want to experience everybody opinions and do not judge any human being.  They are verbally skilled and witty and learn to interact through observation.  They love change because boredom is their enemy.  In their eyes a new opportunity is anything.  Those...

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all about a capricorn, capricorn traits, Characteristics about a capricorn, How much you love a capricorn, who is compatible with a capricorn -

DATE:  12/22 - 1/19QUALITY:  CardinalALIAS: The GoatELEMENT: Earth   The Capricorn represents the sometimes stubborn and always determined sign.  The Capricorn works extremely hard and loves showing it.  They are very patient and will wait a long time for the right opportunity.  Capricorns have a very active mind and strong powers of concentration.  Being in control of everything is key for a Capricorn.  Capricorns are not risk takers, they will survey a situation before jumping in.  They see life as black or white and any grey areas makes them feel uncomfortable.     Capricorns are very independent because they know what they are capable...

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a sagittarius man, a sagittarius woman -

The Archer always seem to stumble upon good fortune and a amount of opportunities with little effort.  The Sagittarius has a great ease and adapatability.  The Sagittarius eyes is always open for new possibilities, reason why they stumble across lady luck.  The Sagittarius sees the big picture but can sometimes miss small details.  The Sagittarius known for being fun and humurous but also has a yearn for intellectual growth.  It is very hard for the Sagittarius to settle on one person, place or thing.    Freedom is important to the Sagittarius, they make decisons based upon the amount of freedom...

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