All About a Sagittarius

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All About a Sagittarius

The Archer always seem to stumble upon good fortune and a amount of opportunities with little effort.  The Sagittarius has a great ease and adapatability.  The Sagittarius eyes is always open for new possibilities, reason why they stumble across lady luck.  The Sagittarius sees the big picture but can sometimes miss small details.  The Sagittarius known for being fun and humurous but also has a yearn for intellectual growth.  It is very hard for the Sagittarius to settle on one person, place or thing.


 Freedom is important to the Sagittarius, they make decisons based upon the amount of freedom that is given.  In some cases a good opportunity is turned down because of its high committment need.  Sagittarius are excellent conversationalists, they do not like mind games they like straightforwardness and expect the same in return.  


The Archer is full of curiosity meaning they cannot be contained.  They are very likeable people, the only people that don't like a sagittarius is a person that lives life by a daily agenda or organized life.  Crisis brings out the best in a Sagittarius they perform the best under pressure.  The Archer is well adjusted with no emotional problem holding them back.  Boredom is a Sagittarius fear so if somebody or something isn't stimulating enough they move on.  Although they are not emotional they are easily hurt by a careless selfish action.  


A Sagittarius is only loyal if what they are loyal too gives them freedom and stimulating excitement.  Once a Sagittarius allows you in their world rather it be as a friend or romantic lover, the dedication can last long.  Depending on the maturity of the Sagittarius, they are usually committed to a individual for plus years.



Strengths:    independent, cautious, friendly, genuine, adventurous, intellectual, good sense of humor, friendly, 


 Weaknesses:    self-obsessive, unemotional, hardened, impatient to a point of rudeness, promise more then can deliver, rude, reckless, irresponsible


Famous Sagittarius:  Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt, Walt Disney, Gianni Versace, Brittney Spears, Bruce Lee, Snooki, Jay Z, Raven Symone, Aaron Rodgers, Trey Songz, Jake Austin


Sagittarius Careers:  teacher, sports athlete, travel guide, comedians, writers, philosopher


Compatible Signs:  Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarius


Least Compatible:  Virgo, Pisces





The Sagittarius woman is always on the go.  She is for the sign that likes change and that rebels.  The Sagittarius woman is very adventurous and full of energy.  The Sagittarius woman loves new things and is a very non traditional lady.  They love learning and also traveling.  This lady loves getting out and exploring things versus sitting at home creating a nest.  The Sagittarius woman is good for a night out on the town not the girlfriend who holds your hand through a emotional crisis.  She is far from jealous, if she is really in love she remains faithful.  She enjoy flirting so a man would have to be secure enough for that.  The Sagittarius woman hates being lied to and if she finds out, she will cut everything off.  They like a person to teach them new things but never down talk them.


 To keep a Sagittarius woman, keeping her happy is everything.  The key to her happiness is being her friend, love is not a serious thing to her anyway.  Sagittarius woman demands her freedom if she knows she can be herself she will greatly appreciate it.  If a man can be truthful, positive, adventurous then he will have a wonderful companion as well as a fun relationship





The Sagittarius man loves to talk.  He will first show off you joking and telling stories bout his adventures.  If you stay listening he will then open up his deep intellectual side.  The Sagittarius man has a lot of interest and loves adventure.  If a person is unwilling to explore new things he will quickly grow bored with that person.  Committed relationships and the idea of being tied down scares the Sagittarius man.  If  you offer him freedom, trust then he will relax more.  Sagittarius can be often too wrapped up in what they want and forget about another person feelings.  


A Sagittarius man responds greatly on logic and common sense.  He is not too romantic and loves the chase.  A person should never engage in a emotional committtment with a Sagittarius man.  The Sagittarius man is for the woman who is not looking for a committed relationship.  The Sagittarius man is for the adventurous female





The Sagittarius are good as friends and good lovers.  They desire long term relationships.  They do have the tendency to reject love that is offered to them, but they rejection is due to the fact they cherish their emotional freedom.  Once they do settle down the Sagittarius is very loyal plus lack jealousy.  As long as the spark last in you then they keep interest in your relationship.





Leo - The compatibility is unbeatable.  Very few can handle your blunt nature, but not a problem for the Leo.  Both will take pleasure in what the other has to offer.  The Leo is full of power, beauty and warmth which compliments your same traits.  As long as the Leo understands that your bluntness is not a cruel act, and you meet the Leo halfway this can be a long-term relationship


Aries - A adventurous and powerful combination.  Both of you understand each other deeply.  Agreeable with you, the Aries hate predictable boring relationships.  The Aries will support your ambitions.  You will always bring out the intiutions and idealism of the Aries.  With your yearn for freedom it makes a good match for the Aries outgoing nature.


Aquarius - Both are intrigued by a busy schedule.  Both enjoy having new and progressive ideas.  If it involves theater, clubs, outdoor sports, or outings in general you both are attracted to it.  The Aquarius is although a detached person and have unexpected changes they carry out.  This will get you off guard and have to having make adjustments.  Both can be exciting and energetic.  The Aquarius is electric and very desirable


Libra - The Libra will show they will be a good friend.  They have the ability to polish the rough side of you Sagittarius.  They both share many similarities.  You two love a journey fulfilled ride.  Vacations together or long walks.  As long as you don't push the Libra too far out of their comfort zone, then this combination will be wonderful together.




Virgo -  This combination can be very complicated.  There are many things that can be problematic.  The Virgo craves a long term relationship, while the Sagittarius wants as much independence as possible.  The Sagittarius is motivated by pure feeling, while the virgo is more like a thinker.  The Virgo may have a hard time accepting the Sagittarian's energy.  The only way they can last if both parties communicate and appreciate what they can learn


Pisces -  the Pisces can teach the Sagittarius to be gentler while the Sagittarius can teach the Pisces how to be adventurous and explore things.  The Pisces can be emotionally draining for the Sagittarius at times


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