All about a Capricorn

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All about a Capricorn

DATE:  12/22 - 1/19
QUALITY:  Cardinal
ALIAS: The Goat


The Capricorn represents the sometimes stubborn and always determined sign.  The Capricorn works extremely hard and loves showing it.  They are very patient and will wait a long time for the right opportunity.  Capricorns have a very active mind and strong powers of concentration.  Being in control of everything is key for a Capricorn.  Capricorns are not risk takers, they will survey a situation before jumping in.  They see life as black or white and any grey areas makes them feel uncomfortable.  


Capricorns are very independent because they know what they are capable of, so they don't trust others to finish details.  Capricorns are good friends and will help a friend out anyday with expecting nothing in return.  A Capricorn's personality is directed towards that of leadership and achievement, they always trying to be the best they can be.


 The Goat is very creative, not spontaneously creative but make wise investments.  They focus on the long term and what is most beneficial down the road.  They will not take chances without weighing the advantages and disadvantages.  Capricorns believe there is either the right or wrong way, this may lead to some of them being close minded, stubborn and reluctant to agree with others.  Capricorns most important need is security, financial and material.  Capricorns make it difficult to get close to someone emotionally.  Once they let someone in they don't want to let them go.  The emotional connection makes them feel vulnerable yet satisified at the same time.



Strengths:    liable, patient, devoted, disciplined, responsible, dependable, practical, 


Weaknesses:    domineering, shy, conceited, disbelievable, know-it-all, unforgiving


Famous Capricorns:  Benjamin Franklin, Elvis Presley, Mel Gibson, Lebron James, Karan Brar, Jim Carrey, Muhammed Ali, Michelle Obama, Dwayne Wade, Andy Biersack


Capricorn Careers:  Loan officer, news anchor, stock analyst


Compatible Signs:  Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio


Least Compatible:  Aries, Libra





First off looks are very important to a Capricorn woman.  The Capricorn woman is very goal- oriented and driven by her professional life before her personal matters.  She is drawn to career-related topics.  Capricorn women can be very competition to them loosing is very upsetting and unacceptable.  Capricorn women do not like when a person seeks attention, if you appear to be overly needy and demanding she will lose interest.  It will take a little time for her to open up, she is rather shy and reserved.  On the inside the Capricorn woman is romantic and loving, while her exterior may seem like she doesn't care.  Dealing with a Capricorn woman you have to be patient you can not rush her into a relationship.  A person must woo her and shower her with gifts.  The Capricorn woman will take control and dominate the relationship.  If a person let her take the lead she will not steer you wrong.  She give a man a long lasting loyal lasting relationship.





The Capricorn man is very physical but not too emotional on the outside.  He really yearns for love, but trust is a major issue for him.  If a person shows how much they admire him then to trust can be gained.  The Capricorn man may be the most faithful out of all the zodiacs.  He has a strong sensual side and he kepts it locked, but once unlocked his devotion will leave a individual amazed.  The Capricorn man can sometimes be old fashioned or traditional.  The Capricorn man can be a bit insecure or unsure.  A person needs to show him you have his back by listening to his problems or troubles.  The Capricorn man wants a humurous, smart, knowledgeable lady.  Like the Capricorn lady, he can be moody and hard to read.  As time evolves you will know when he needs your support or wants to be alone.





The Capricorn can sometimes be full of contradictions when it comes to love and being loved.  The Capricorn seeks the love but when they see it forming or see that its reachable they tend to pull back.  With those actions Capricorns have a very cautious nature.  Capricorns have the making of excellent companions but don't take nothing away from expressing your love.  The organizational skills may be a little much for the Capricorn's lover.  Reason being the Capricorn can sometimes overdue things.





Taurus - Both you are earth signs and share the same ways of self experession.  Like you Capricorn the Taurus is patient, down to earth, and logical.  You Capricorn and the Taurus have similiarities but also differences.  Taurus are well grounded but also more sensitive.  Since the Taurus craves a dependable and loyal partner who will not take financial risks.  With your goal - oriented, hard working, disciplined nature these two signs can be compatible.


Virgo - Both signs has the same characterisitics.  With the perfectionlist nature of the Virgo it really appeals to you Capricorn.  The two of you may lack laughter and fun together.  You both set your mind on a goal and acheive it.  Your both perfect nature may cause depression and stress for you both since things don't go always as planned.  The Virgo will analyze things and think things through better then you Capricorn, but the Virgo helps you with this tough obstacle


Pisces - The Pisces has a day dreamer mentality and they love to be in their nutshell and not bothered by others.  The Pisces is sensitive and passionate while you apply great discipline to anything.  The Pisces looks for signs of appreciation all the time and your lack of expressing feelings can make the Pisces feel unwanted.  All the Pisces has to do is inspire you Capricorn.




Aries -  These two must work hard to maintain.  The Aries is the type to react without caring who the reaction is directed too, while the Capricorn is about seeing if it will benefit before they take action.  On a personal level they tend to not do well because both are very stubborn.  The Aries will look for the shortcut while the Capricorn wants to follow the rules.  Both are Cardinal signs.  The Aries has  rush to get things done and will knock down any obstacles along the way.  The Capricorn is indirect leaders and work to acheive goals.


Libra -  The Libra's social and interactive lifestyle can make the practical, serious Capricorn old fashion ways.  In the Capricorn's eyes the Libra isn't serious about life.  Artistic taste and contentment is important to the Libra and less so to the Capricorn.


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