Most Dangerous Zodiacs

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Most Dangerous Zodiacs

When it comes to danger or committing crimes nobody is exempt.  The dreason people tend to commit crimes or behave extremely dangerously can factor in many reasons.  Childhood trauma, psychological issues, mental health reasons, or maybe a person has just had enough.  We will never know the true reason why or what causes a individual to make certain decisions (leave that to the doctors).  From a astrology perspective some signs are more likely to be more dangerous then others.  So lets talk about it!!

The ram of course does not like taking orders.  Their rebillious nature of authority may have them take on a illegal career.  If anybody attempts to boss them around you may end up getting hurt mentally or physically.  The ram has great potential of becoming power hungry which can lead to more illegal

Crime Committing Aries:  Robert Durst, Paul John Knowles, Keith Hunter Jesperson, Eric Harris

It is very easy for the Taurus to fly into rage.  With that makes them very risky and dangerous.  The clever bull is more likely to commit crimes without much involvement of others.  Examples are money laundering or financial crimes.  With the Taurus being a natural born leader if they are given a reason they can become very ferocious and blood thristy.

Crime Committing Taurus:  Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, David Miscavige, Steve Wright, Bernie Madoff 

Geminis are rarely dangerous. If they are gonna commit a crime it is probably fraud or stealing. Now overall they are less dangerous, but due to the gemini's negative traits never be surprised if a prolific serial killer like Jeffery Dahmer or David Berkowitz takes charge.  

Crime Committing Geminis:  Jeffery Dahmer, David Berkowitz "Son of Sam", Anthony Casso, John Hinckley Jr

The Cancer is most dangerous zodiac sign out there.  They get arrested the most out of all the zodiac signs.  One of the most huge negative traits of a Cancer  is mental instability  With that being the case their instabilities can cause them to commit crimes over and over.  Cancers commit crimes of passion and leave distinguishing marks on victims

Crime Committing Cancers:  Jodi Arias, Oj Simpson, Charles Ray Hatcher, Paul Casteliano, Andrea Yates, Genene Jones

Leos are passionate and fiesty which are positive traits that they have  Although a Leo can go crazy if they have a edgy temperament.  They love being the center of attention, so its possible they can get sucked into criminal activity because of the fame it may bring.

Crime Committing Leos:  Elizabeth Bathory, Anatoly Onoprienko, Cary Stayner, Abner Zwillman

Virgos have a bit of a criminal streak to them.  They are likely to commit crimes such as hacking, bulgarly, or other types of stealing.  Its hard for a virgo to leave tracks behind their crimes with them being neat and valuing order.  

Crime Committing Virgos:  Ed Gein, Whitey Bulger, Andrew Cunanan, Dylan Klebold, Albert De Salvo

They don't usually break the law, they value balance and justice tremendously.  They are likely to be involved in a ponzi scheme or bank scandal.  A evil Libra will hide behind a organization to commit their crime.

Crime Committing Libras:  Lawerance Bittaker, Lee Harvey Oswald, Andrei Chikatilo, Ma Barker

With the jealous and aggressive nature of the Scorpion, they can cause disaster if the wrong circumstances are presented.  Scorpio is known as the most sadistic sign. If their buttons are pushed they have no problem committing crimes like murder.  They have a cunning ability.  Therefore, if they aren't doing the crimes themselves its likely they are the "brains of the operation" and nobody would know it.

Crime committing Scorpios:  David Parker Ray "Toy Box Killer", Charles Manson, Scott Peterson, Bobby Beausoleil

This sign can be very unforgiving and likely to have a change of emotions in a very extreme way.  The Sags can be very harsh  In most cases they will not hurt others but could be arrested for crimes like theft.  They can be real slick and slippery and catching them is a difficult task.

Crime Committing Sagittarius:  Ted Bundy, Pablo Escobar, Belle Gunness, Mary Brunner, Charles Watson, Gary Gilmore

The likelihood of Capricorns being all around crooks are very high.  They may tend to partake in petty crimes, and sadistic acts.  Criminal Capricorns can be very dangerous.  Although the Capricorn are not good at hiding evidence or covering their tracks which makes them more liable to getting caught.  

Crime Committing Capricorns:  Ivan Milat, Charles Ng, Al Capone, Lyle Menedez, Ian Brady

Overall Aquarians are good hearted people and will more likely partake in revenge crimes.  Their clever and charismatic way makes them good hustlers or hackers.  Manipulation is one of their dark traits.  

Crime Committing Aquarius:  Ian, Huntley, Lee Boyd Malvo, Rae Carruth, Jerry Sandusky, Frank Nitti, Frank Costello, Gary Ridgway

The two fish in opposite directions can cause much to a lot of harm.  They may partake in crimes that will hurt themselves like drug abuse.  They do have a temper so a mass murderer or serial killer can be likely.

Crime Committing Pisces:  James Earl Ray, Bugsy Siegel, Osama Bin Laden, John Wayne Gacy, Debora Green, Ottis Elwood Toole

Overall any zodiac is fully capable of mass murder or being a criminal.  Each zodiac has a set of traits and that can be used for good or bad.  The way a sign is mentally structured can depend on the type of crime they will commit.  Like stated, once disorders, diseases, and mental issues are added you can get some some people.  


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