My Zodiac is SEXier than Yours

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My Zodiac is SEXier than Yours

There is a debate about who is the sexiest or best bedroom lovers when it comes to zodiac signs.  All signs have their own inner "freak" its just that they display it differently then others.  Some are open with theirs, while others can be more reserved.  


Take the Aries!! This is a fire sign that is about control and adventure.  One thing the Aries has is they are straight to the point type of people.  So when it comes to sex the Aries will want to take charge and guide you where you would like to be at.  


The Taurus is a definite romancer.  They will take their time to plan properly and wine and dine their mate.  The Taurus believes in committment, so once you submit to the Taurus, foreplay is  the answer.  If a person enjoys romance and able to deal with it then the bull will satisfy your needs.  


Now the Gemini are the best conversationlist, so therefore phone sex, or ever sexting can really put their partner in the mood.  Pillow talk or even role playing works great for a Gemini.


Cancers are one of the most emotional signs there is.  Sex to a Cancer is more of love making.  They enjoy the physical part of it but that mental stimulation is everything to them.  They will definitely send you through a intense ride.  


The Leo's adventurous characterisitics will surely play out in the sex world.  They will find many different ways to be pleasured.  Leo's love sex and act out with confidence.  Better be ready to keep up with a Leo.  Plus they make sure their needs are met first.  


The Virgo also known as the Virgin is usually shy and to themselves.  Although they have a unusual freaky side to them.  The Virgo has to know they can trust before they unleash their inner traditional freak.  


The Libra is about balance and perfect harmony.  This is also the case in the bedroom.  They can be pretty romantic while enjoying massage oils, and even soft music.  


The fiery Scorpio is the freakest of the zodiacs.  Scorpios have a yearn for sex and getting in bed with them can have its sting.  The Scorpio will send you on the best ride ever, but they have a love em and leave em sexual attitude at times.  So if a person cannot handle these traits then beware.


As far as a Sagittarius nothing is too wild and out the ordinary , even when it comes to sex.  Although they are not fiery in the lovemaking department.  They seek new thrills of stimulation.  With that said, a Sagittarius can at times be detached from sex.  Sex sometimes can be quick and mean nothing, or it could be a spur of the moment intense blaze.


Capricorns are the patient kind of lovers.  They are not "over the top" when it comes to sexual energy but they will slowly but surely cater to their partners needs.


The Aquarius, this experimental sign is always up for new ideas for pleasing themselves and their sex partners.  Toys, gadgets or anything else isn't out the question.  The Aquarian will put out more then some signs can handle.


The Water Sign Pisces values the emotional connection of sex, similar to the Cancer.  Passion, love, and patience come into play with a Pisces.  The Pisces will let you work !!


These traits in the bedroom comes can be altered through "sexual experience".  Some people grow into adventurous things and scarifice things for their partner.  Overall all though The Signs Never Lie !!



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