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All About a Aries

Date:  3/21 - 4/19
Quality: Cardinal
Alias:  The Ram
Element:  Fire Sign


Aries are very open minded and adventurous people.  They have to stay physically busy majority of the time.  The Aries can be stuck in their own dimension while known also for being stubborn and cocky.  The Aries can be very courgaeous but also very reserved.  The Aries feels if they must remain in charge.  They get their fuel from leading and taking control of diverse situations.  The loyalty of a Aries is always genuine and pure.  Most Aries are logical decision makers but sometimes they react off their emotions.  The urge of the typical Aries is to take more than can be done reasonably well.


 If you upset a Aries they don't waste time holding grudges.  Their forgiving nature sometimes leads to over devoted relationships.  Even though they have a "my way or the highway " attitude.  When a Aries decides they want to love they love hard.  It can be challenging at times for a Aries to be patient.  Their adventurous spontaeous mind state creates a abundance of ideas all at one time.  The Ram has a very independent and enthusiastic personality but can appear to be short tempered and moody.  Once you get attached to their animated and spiritual pressence its hard to let go.


Strengths:   self-reliant, helpful, optimistic, fearless, braveness, determined

Weaknesses:    short tempered, snobbish, impatient, instinctive

Famous Aries:    Eddie Murphy, Lady GaGa, Mariah Carey, Peyton Manning, Robert Downey Jr.

Aries Careers:    Entreprenuer, sales, film/tv, stockbroker, military

Most Compatible:    Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini

Least Compatible:    Capricorn, Cancer




A exciteful although hot-blooded, and forceful person.  The Aries woman is very independent and is far from needy or clingy.  The Aries woman must have freedom at all cost.  She enjoys sharing everything with her partner so happiness will be found in long term relationships.  The Aries is a leadership fire sign, so the Aries woman is considered a alpha female.  She will not behave like some girly submisssive woman.  Her need for love and passion is at a high level but she will always see her partner as equal.  The Aries woman is not much for the bossy, domineering male.  


She definitely has to be the center of attention by a man.  She needs to be number one in his eyes.  If that attention isn't given the Aries woman can get jealous.  A Aries woman isn't widely materialistic, but like any woman, they appreiate gifts or rewards.  If you show a wide range of affection, make them laugh, and be open they will appreciate it more then you think.  Aries love the chase but will not chase unless they are confident of the relationship at hand.





The Aries man is full of adventure, fast-paced and a exciting person.  His eagerness to try new things is definitely up the alley of the Aries man.  If you are a woman that enjoys having a man lead then he could be for you.  Things will never grow too old with Aries man because of his adventurous mentality.  This man loves the thrill of the chase.  Do not act as if you don't care about the Aries man.  Appear to innocent or had to get.  Now if you take advantage of a Aries because of his short temper he will turn into fury of anger and leave without coming back.  


Aries men tend to speak before they think, meaning they can be brutally honest a lot of the time.  So don't ask "how do I look today" if you don't want to hear the truth then don't ask.  For those women that crave stability the Aries man can be a little too argumentative and emotional.  So patience is a must with this fiery sign.  Aries men can poses many different qualities.  Some can have fiery tempers, some are known for quick humor and making others laugh.  While some are known for their affection for getting into and being reckless.  Due to the Aries temperant stage it is best do whatever to avoid conflict, let him cool down and he will realize he was out of line.  Other than that, expect a dedicated, dominate, fun, exciting man!!





The Aries is a very passionate fire sign.  They love to love and life without some sort of it can be empty.  Now for some Arians they spend too much time thinking about their own needs and not considering what their partners think.  As most know, Aries is the start of the zodiacs and they like to take charge.  What a Aries doesn't want in a relationship is for it to be routine, predictable, or boring.  Excitement is everything for a Aries, so their relationship must consist of constant thrills.  The solution to this is, the Aries has to share their dreams, hopes, and needs with their companion.





 Sagittarius - These two can be a match made in heaven.  They are exciting partners and full of adventure.  They make great friends and better lovers.  They both look at the world through the same set of binoculars.  When the Aries comes up with the new idea the Sagittarius is ready to ride.  While both love thier independences there is never a power struggle.  You Aries likes to have the glory while the Sagittarius doesn't mind the behind the scenes endeavors.


Leo - Both of these signs crave romance and excitement.  The Leo will respect the freedom of you Aries, you will love the ideas of the Leo.  Both of you must compromise becasuse if not your egos can rip you two apart.  Your loyalty and devotion can help overcome any differences you may have. Once you learn to be equal partners an neither party demand they are the boss then you passionate signs will love one another.


Aquarius - This compatibility is very exciting, adventurous and interesting.  The both of you love fun and freedom.  The Aquarius though tends to need more space then you Aries, which may create small problems between you two.  The best aspect of the Aries and Aquarius is thier ability to work together.


Gemini - Your independent spirit is attractive to the Gemini who also value independence.  They create good balance.  You want to experience things while the Gemini wants to discuss them.  Neither one will tolerate boredom and will get rid of it by all cost.  Sometimes the Geminis slow speed of conversation can irriate the your impatience.  Both you and the Gemini can be too energetic as both desire to try new thing can call for hectic times and no stability.  





Capricorn - A tough combination.  You Aries are ready for any new challenge while Capricorn prefers taking their time when it comes to major decisions.  Capricorns are very indcesive while the Aries take risk at any cause, which makes the Aries impatient and frustrated.  Capricorns are loyal and responsible in relationships, but lack the fun nature desired by a Aries


Cancer - Cancers are known for large amount of emotions sometimes thoughtful, sometimes too dramatic.  Aries are very straightforward to deal with this type of emotional see -saw too long.  That makes it hard for a connection to be maintained.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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