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All about a Taurus


Date:  4/20 - 5/20
Quality:  Fixed
Alias: The Bull
Element: Earth


The bull a rather intensely stubborn sign.  A Taurus tenacious attitude can work for them or against them.  The bullheaded mentality can cause conflict to other strong character types.  The bull is not good with change.  They prefer comfortable surroundings and settings.  Anything new and unknown, a taurus fears.  Its all about security to a Taurus, in love, career, and at home.  The stubborn bull has characteristics of being possessive, materialistic, and also sometimes lazy.  They don't mind spending money on high end endeavors neither.


 A Taurus can sometimes make spare of the moment decisions.  Depending on their maturity, the time of their emotional decisions can be careless.  This hard headed earth sign is romantic by nature and is strongly attracted to the opposite sex.  Both a male and female Taurus loves hard with supreme level of faithfulness.

Strengths:    loyal, persistent, patient, down to earth, determined, stability
Weaknesses:   single - minded, lackadaiscal, ownership, possessive

Famous Taurus:  Chris Brown, John Cena, Debby Ryan, Channing Tatum, Queen Elizabeth 11
Taurus Careers:  Landscaping designer, cosmetic developer, model, loan officer, pastry chef
Compatibile Signs:  Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo, Cancer
Least Compatible:  Leo, Aquarius




The Taurus woman is relentless at getting what she wants and will wait forever to get it.  Stability and security is everything to a Taurus woman.  If she doesn't see that in a relationship with you she will not tolerate it.  She is down to earth, very supportive, loving, protective, devoted and loyal.  If you are a man who loves to be pampered and nutured then her loyalty awaits.  The Taurus woman has a lot to offer but surely expects a lot in return.  If you impress the Taurus woman and cater to her sensitivity you will win her.  The Taurus woman can be very jealous so never flirt with another woman in her pressesnce.  Taurus women offend those on purpose to test them.  Do not cross a Taurus woman until you want her temper to flare and become extremely stubborn.  You break her trust it will be almost impossible to get it back.




The Taurus man is very down to earth and very sensible.  He will not swept you and craves a woman of high quality not a one night stand.  He is very patient when it comes to a relationship, seeing if she has something to offer before he offers himself.  The Taurus man will always put his woman on a high pedastol, cherish the ground she walks, and protect her.  Once this romantic man has chose his lady his is very loyal and faithful.


 If you are craving adventure and excitement the Taurus man isn't for you.  Now if you are craving stability and contentment this wonderful provider is definitely the one you need.  The Taurus man is in it for the long haul so committment is no problem.  Above all a Taurus man doesn't like gameplaying or lies, trust is extremely important to them.  A Taurus man must be a protector to all so don't rush and he will move mountains for you.  Be his motivation not his muscle.  Like the Taurus woman the Taurus man is extremely jealous.




The senusous, earthly, stubborn bull is the most patient when it comes to diving into relationships.  Taurus can become less interested when you changed something in the relationship, or you've given them a reason to doubt your committment.  When a Taurus is in a relationship they believe in "life long ownership" of those they truely love.  This may sound crazy but once a Taurus finally makes up their mind on giving their heart to someone, they believe its commitment without escape.  With that said the Taurus has  the tendency to suffocate its partners and drive them away.  So the key for the Taurus is to let their partner breathe and they will give the love, loyalty and security needed.




Pisces - You can provide the stability and security a Pisces need.  The Pisces can be very nuturing to the Taurus's Needs.  The Pisces can be very emotional which can become a slight warning for the you whom can become very impatient.


Cancer - The Cancer can provide very loving, passionate affection that you desire.  You and Cancer's differences work for the you two and not against you.  You are attentive while the Cancer is responsive.  Your sensitive characteristics will fill your cozy moments.  The Cancer will have all comforts in the home you Taurus will have a supportive and loyal mate.


Virgo - Both of you have many characteristics in common.  Both signs are loyal and they appreciate the perfection of wonderful things.  You two both love facing the realities of life.  Both of you can't stand inconsisitency, and carelessness.  Devotion, dedication and loyalty and are shown by the two of you.  Sometimes the possessive attitude of you Taurus can smoother the Virgo's feelings.  If you two can workout this small difference it can be a wonderful combination.


Capricorn - You two enjoy creating a home and loves how hard work brings out stability.  Both of you find comfort and security in material things.  The calmness of a Capricorn will attract you, while the determination will attract the Capricorn.




Aquarius - Both Taurus and Aquarius are unconventional and very stubborn.  The Aquarius is intellectual and full of new ideas and enjoys new approaches constantly.  The Aquarius are reluctant to being tied down or committed to relationships as early as a you Taurus would like.  Taurus likes stablity while the Aquarius likes a little chaos occasionally.  The Aquarius likes a little distances as well.  This makes you Taurus feel emotionally lonely.  The Aquarius may find the Taurus to be needy or smothering


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