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All about a Cancer

DATE: 6/22 - 7/22
QUALITY: Cardinal


When it comes to a Cancer the first thing to mention is their sensitive emotional nature.  Sometimes their sensitivity can be hard to spot because of the hard exterior they display.  But trust the soft loving side is surely there.  This characterisitic of the Crab isn't necessalirly a disadvantage it is merely the opposite.  The Cancer is better known as the caretaker of the zodiacs, and goes above and beyond to harbor loved ones.  Family and friends is everything to this water sign.


They can be standoffish at times and a introvert sign.  But the cancer can get so emotionally sensitve it doesn't know how to express themselves.  Which is then where the hard shell pops up.  The Cancer is very mysterious and filled with contradictions.  They crave security and comfort but also seek new adventure.  They are extremely loyal to those that support them.  The Cancer has a way of making others feel loved and good about themselves.  A woman Cancer makes for a great mother.


 Once the cancer gets pass their emotional issues of insecuritites, there is nothing they can't do.  With their strong intuition, observation powers, and intelligence, they will be successful at anything they undertake.


Strengths:    Dedicated, trustworthy, tend to, reactive, flexible, emotional sensitive, adaptable, reliable
Weaknessess:     tempermental, clingy, self-pity, emotional

Famous Cancers:  Nelson Mandela, George Michael, George W Bush, Pierre Cardin
Cancer Careers:  antique dealer, realtor, historian, nutritionist, domestic agency owner, internet merchant
Compatible Signs:  Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo
Least Compatible:  Aries, Libra




The cancer woman has very deep emotions.  To reach them it takes time and patience.  With a Cancer woman you will have to do all the work.  Don't try to lead her on because she will see right through it.  Trust is everything to a Cancer woman.  Just as well love and security.  Cancer woman is perfect for the man who likes to sweep women off their feet with romance.  The relationship of a cancer woman will reach higher levels once there is a solid, secure foundation.  The Cancer woman is very old fashion, sensual, and patient.  Work on your romance.  The Cancer woman is very romantic so be ready to receive some loving.  They can be devious and moody, so don't overact to too many things.




It is hard to pick out a Cancer man from a first impression.  Once minute he can be nervous and fickle the next extrememly confident.  The Cancer man can be wistful, shy , and mysterious.  They are capable of many emotions.  The Cancer man creates a hard exterior by behind that he is gentle, kind, and affectionate.  They are always polite and practice old gentlemany manners.  Cancer men are very family-oriented, his homm is his sanctuary and where he feels safe.  The Cancer man will never be direct with you and the reason is because they fear of rejection.  


The Cancer man falls in love easy and will make you his world.  Once he sticks to you, and you are everything to him he may even become jealous and possessive.  He needs you to be loyal and faithful.  The Cancer man is very affectionate and loves physical contact.  He is all about feeling .  The Cancer man is easily offended so  be careful making jokes it mnay hurt his feelings.  Cancer men are excellent protectors.  If you love being looked out for and love affection, and devotion this romantic man is perfect for you




Cancers are good providers and are considered sensitive, gentle, and romantic.  If a cancer has ever been hurt by love it will take them a lot of time to trust others.  Cancers are loyal and enjoy physical levels of affection, dinner dates, cards, letters, etc...  The Crab needs constant reassurance.  They tend to get jealous when the attention isn't on him.  Cancers can easily dismiss you from their life if you fall out of their good side.  Most times you wil never know you did or said, you will never understand the Cancer emotional makeup.




Pisces - Very inspirational and loving.  They will give you all the affection, kindness, and support.  Even though Pisces are weak and sensitive individuals, they can be strong and rebellious when required.  Both of you will bind emotionally.  A great match for you!!


Scropios - You two can be soulmates.  Scorpios will always protect and support you Cancer, while you will give love and affection which the Scorpio is seeking in the long run.   Both have a strong sexual attraction.  Only drawback is the Scorpios possessiveness and jealousy, which can be managed yby the generous Cancer  you are.


Virgo - Both of you match even though you have differences.  Your sharp features will attract the Virgo.  But your moods swings will leave the Virgo uncomfortable.  The Virgo's simplicity and logical outllook definitely attracts you Cancer, in turn the Virgo loves the affectionate, compassionate behaviour of you.


Taurus - You both have sensitive moments.  Having compassion, and a caring nature is appreciated by both of you.  You love being away from your busy life.  Both stay in their own world ignoring their surroundings




Aries - When you mix fire and water you get steam.  The Aries can be too bossy for the Cancer's sensitivity.  The Cancer can be quiet smoothering for the Aries.  The Aries's constant in your face attitude can emotionally drain the Cancer.  The Aries tends to focus the bigger plans while the Cancer puts focus on family and home.  The only way to two signs can get along if both meet in the middle.


Libra - The Libra is looking for a mental connection while the Cancer concentrates on receiving the emotional bond.  The Libra loves to socialize with friends while the Cancer prefers to stay at home.  Libra's need to feel attractive so they are flirtaous.  The Libra can be open and forward in conversation, and if the Cancer is upset the Libra will tell everyone about it.  That absolutely terrifies a Cancer.


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