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All about a Gemini

DATE: 5/21 - 6/21
QUALITY:  Mutable
ALIAS: The Twins



If there is a such thing as a bi polar sign it is the Gemini also known as "the Twins".  Therefore you never know which Twin will show up at any given time.  A Gemini most time has the energy of two people making them cheerful and shrewd at the same time.  With that said they are very intelligent and adaptable to all situatuions and every person.  The twins can sometimes be nosy because they always want to be involved rather then sitting back.  They really enjoy communicating they are the ultimate butterfly.  The Gemini will tend to be one you would see for the great gossip.  While perseverance is lacked, Gemini will easily go off topic to entertain another thought or idea.  


The biggest fears of a Gemini can be doing things in routine fashion and boredom.  The twins would rather be naive then know the truth, they don't want anything to mess up their freedom or positive energy.  The Gemini is very independent and is a rebel to any rules.  They will never let anyone dictate them.


 As a friend a Gemini is a great one and give great advice.  Although if you pressure a Gemini with your emotional drama they tend to flee because it may depress them.  A Gemini usually want people to think they are happy all the time and stress never affects them.


Strengths:    Lively, skillful, versatile, creative, kind, curiousity, affectionate, brillant, energetic
Weaknessess:    one - dimensional, deceitful, indecisive, not content, changeable in love

Famous Gemini :  Donald Trump, George H.W. Bush, Bob Dylan
Gemini Careers:  journalist, translator, talk show host, public relation executive, novelist/writer, marketing specialist, copywriter, tour guide
Compatible Signs:  Aquarius, Libra, Aries, Leo
Least Compatible:  Virgo, Pisces




For the casual man that doesn't prefer overly romantic emotions, the Gemini woman is for you.  If you are dating her it would feel more like a friendship then relationship.  The Gemini woman needs to loved and catered to but all needs innovation and stimulation.  She can be very demanding, and if you don't give her what she wants then she is off to the next adventure.  If you like a challenge she is perfect for you.  You have to keep up with her mentally or you will be left behind.  She will keep a man on a string to see if he is worth her attention because she depise a dull man wasting her time.  


Once a Gemini woman gets jealous it means you have her.  Her jealousy would come from the defense of not getting hurt, because she has let her guards down and let you in.  Once a Gemini woman gets jealous then you on the track of true love.  Like every other sign if you pressure them in doing something they don't want to do, they will flee.  The Gemini woman will give you their whole heart but its hard to fix once you break it .  The Gemini woman do not prefer talking about their emotions but they want you to know if you are hurting them.




Women are drawn to this charmng, funny, clever, adventurous, talkative men.  Women love the Gemini's enthusiasm for life.  If you are trying to win his heart you are not the only one.  Don't think you can have him to yourself.  His flighty characteristic makes it where he doesn't want to be pinned down.  A woman would most likely be his close friend not his sensual lover.  The Gemini man will say anything to get what he wants.  His persuasive and manipulating skills and cleverness keeps him on board.  If you are looking for a fling, the Gemini man is your choice



When it comes to love for the Gemini it can be something that brings pleasure and happiness, or something that can stop them from having freedom.  Its up to the Gemini how they want to view love.  It can be enjoyable or viewed as a tied down thing.  Geminis make good companions.  They love talking so therefore they will have engaging conversations with their partner.  The Gemini is known for being reckless and also impatient, so they may attempt to run away from love.  The Gemini though enjoys the pleasure and warmth that love relationship brings but the "twin" may kick in and they can resist it with full force. 




Aries - You two signs have a zero telerance for boredom.  Both will respect each others freedom.  Both share a passionate connection based upon your similarities.  Both are able to work on projects together enhance your relationship as well as pursue you alls own matters.  This match can run into differences.  The Aries will need to contain their tendency to dominate in order to keep you happy.  You willneed to hold your tongue on different matters that Aries.  Overall this is a wonderful combination.


Libra - You two have a extremely high compatibility.  You all enjoy trading new ideas on topics on diverse opinions.  Instant chemistry is felt between the two of you.  Although you communicate differently.  The Libra debates while you talk.   Another difference is the Libra are "doers" you Gemini will want to study a problem while the Libra want to hurry up and fix it.  Overall those two understand each other on a fundamental way and are very compatible.


Aquarius - This a love match of compatibility.  You two's connection is strengthen by your outlook on life.  Your love the Aquarius creativity, while the Aquarius loves your independence.  Sometimes the Aquarius unpredictable nature can bring problems to the compatibility.  To keep up with the passion of your passion.  They will have to master the art of romance.


Leo - You two have a fun and adventurous nature about yourselves.  Both love to be in each others company also.  Both can also spark each others interest through your conversation.  Although you Gemini may not like a Leo's jealous.  Leos are good at forming long term rleationships while you are always on the move.  Leo's ego may get hurt by your sharp tongue.




Pisces - Pisces have extreme sensitivety and yearn deeply for pesonal intimacy.  Pisces cannot deal with the Gemini's unemotional, over logical outlook on life


Virgo - These two have little to no similarities.  At times it can feel like the Virgo is the parent and you Gemini are the child.  Virgo is terrifed of your attitude towards life.  While the Gemini finds the Virgo stuffy and very fussy.


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