All about a Leo

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All about a Leo

DATE:  7/23 - 8/22
ALIAS: The Lion


The Leo also known as the King of the Jungle because of its strength, pride, and courage.  One thing that is for sure about the Leo is that they have a craving to be the center of attention and best believe there will be trouble if they do not get their way.  Their egos are grand and their bigger than life essence create a yearn for the spotlight.  The lion only wants the best at all times which can lead to excessive spending habits as they are sparked by the life of luxury.  Reputation is everything to a Leo and they will do anything to protect it.  Leos usually strike back with force if they are crossed, they are not the one to hold a grudge they forgive and move on.


 A Leo is one of the most loyal out of all the zodiacs sometimes to a fault.  If they see that their devotion is reciprocated with tons of attention, they will shower you with rewards and gifts.  With a Leo being the King of the Jungle their need for control is at a peak.  When given any sort of authority power they usually handle the responsibility well.  One reason for control is the audience that comes with it.  The Lion can be independent but they need someone to admire and appreciate them.  


The Leo at times can be very indecisive.  They have a adventurous stubborn mind state meaning if something doesn't fit their comfortability they deter; although they pull back because they don't want to bruise their reptuation or their loyalty.  Leo love the new and extraordinary they depise dull and regular routines.  They have a amazing ability to bounce back from any feelings.  They do not like to be unhappy.  The secret to a Leo is that need to be needed. 


Strengths:    self-assured, hopeful, devoted, passionate, creative, confident, influential, courageous
Weaknessess:    arrogant, egotistical, theatrical, conceited, lazy, drama lovers, very dominate

Famous Leos:  Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Barack Obama, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Arnold Schwarzenegg, Whitney Houston, Joe Jonas
Leo Careers:  actor, cardiologist, goldsmith or jeweller, publicist, spokesperson, theatrical agent, hairstylist
Compatible Signs:  Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra
Least Compatible:  Taurus, Scorpio




You must give her praise is the first step.  In order for the relationship to work you must do that first.  The thought of competition from another woman turns her off.  Be prepared to compete with other men though.  She attracts men because of her personality.  Her affection and love makes her a great partner and makes you feel good about yourself.  


She has a adventurous streak that makes her always fun  to be around.  The Leo woman will dominate but not completely she still needs the man to lead the way and give her the sense of approval.  She is perfect for the strong character type but as long as he isn't controlling.  The Leo woman demand respect from her mate.  When their trust is damaged she won't hestitate to flee.  They may play or provoke but she does it for attention and will never be sneaky or dishonest.



The Leo man has emotional ideas of a great love affair that doesn't usually last.  Reason being his fantasy is turned into a reality quickly.  He needs a ground woman in tune with realities to help him out.  You would think he is detached emotionally but its the total opposite.  He needs affectionate attention so he is able to treat he companion fairly.  The Leo man, King of the Jungle, may appear as a unemotional person but he is very sensitive.  He wants a woman to cater to him but not in a demanding way.  Any type of girl is suited for a Leo.


The Leo man is very self centered and thinks he doesn't have any flaws.  They love being the center of attention so if you make them feel love they love you.  The Leo man doesn't like when you try to control him.  So be sincere no matter what.  Leo men are usually loyal but it interest is lost they will run




Leo is a very passionate sign.  A Leo can wear their heart on their sleeves similar to the other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius.  The Leo doesn't believe in the chasing until they have been chased.  The Leo is the most dedicated and possessive out of all the fire signs.  Although flirting is a true talent, once committed, you commit on a long term basis.  For the Leo their dominating personality can get in the way of conquering true love.  The Leo has a issue of trying to prove they are the best.  The Leo thrive on praise and being given credit.  This can sometimes run their mate away by their possessive, domineering nature.




Aries - This open to like sign shares the same likes and dislikes.  Both of you yearn for fun, romance, and excitement.  You Leo respect the Aries request for freedom, while Aries doesn't interfere in your life.  The only problem can be that both of you are egoistical.  If compromise is their you both can really make a great match.


Sagittarius - You two share a romantic combination.  Though your possessiveness may not let the Sagittarius enjoy your independence.  You both love adventure and meeting new people.  The Sagittarius loves to flirt, which can make you jealous.


Gemini - Both love to have fun and are adventurous by nature.  Their conversations will be very intriguing


Libra - You both compliment one another.  Both love social gatherings.  Both can face hard situations because of your different characters.  You both love the romantic scene.




Taurus - There is a battle of patience, ego, and passion with both signs.  The Taurus loves to plan and work at securing tomorrow.  The Leo is more interested living large for today.  Both can have bad tempers and can be super stubborn at times.  Both can tend to be very jealous while valuing committment in a partner.  The Taurus loves to spend time at home while the Leo is a social person.


Scorpio - Both signs extremely stubborn, and both want to be in control.  Both will have a series of heated arguments majority of the time.  The Scorpio hates that the Leo has to be the center of attention.  The Scorpio will never massage your ego.  The Scorpio is moody, emotional and secretive.


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