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Im Sorry !!!

Easily offended but very quick to forgive. Aries love honesty, so Saying you sorry and letting it be known you understand their side of the story forgiveness  will come before you know it.


Love arguing sometimes for their own enjoyment. Their opinionated passionate views on subjects can lead to World War 3. Apologize by gifts that have sentimental value. The loyalty of a Taurus is genuine and they will forgive you but only on their terms.


The talkative Gemini can cause agruement or disputes without them recognizing it. They will create conflict sometimes just for the sport of it.
Apologizing to a Gemini is just the solution. They are very forgiving so saying you are sorry goes a long way.



They get offended easily at times and if they feel threatend they will look to get you back. They tend to hold a grudge...so dont get on their bad side.
Apologizing to a cancer can be challenging. Get them a nice gift with a sincere  apology. Flowers, candy and/or jewelry  may help, but it still may not be enough for immediate results


Will sometimes argue for the joy of it. If they go too far and hurt a person it can shock them. Leos usually do not apologize because they are proud of who they are and their ego may get in the way as well. 
Apologizing to a Leo by acting like nothing ever happened, or just simply make a joke about what you apologizing for




This sign can be very stubborn and vindictive.  There may be no coming back once you get on a Virgo's bad side.  They have to feel in control of others and needed. 
Apologizing to a Virgo, you must send a text, email, or letter describing how you were wrong and they were right.  Matter of fact stating they are always right will help too




This sign doesn't handle conflict well at all, they will just take the conflict to the a higher level.  So they will turn their back on you if there is any issue and that can go on for years.
Apologizing to a Libra, you can send a sentimental gesture or sending them something may help out.



This sign can go on a lifetime without forgiving you.  If you do them wrong they will get you back ten times worst.  They will are very vengeful. 

Apologizing to a Scorpio you need to present gifts or any type of opportunity to gain things in their personal life.  Introduce them to somebody that can benefit them, they will consider forgiving you in the future.




Very forgiving sign.  They see both sides of the argument rather if they admit it or not.
Apologizing to Sagittarius you must break down in details why you must to be forgiven, then offer a small gift.  Do this on a consistent basis.




Very proud sign that does not forgive easily.  A Capricorn will destroy another persons reptutation
Apologizing to a Capricorn will consist of a bribe of getting something to work in their favor, or even a pricey gift will help.




Not a forgiving sign.  They are not much of a balanced sign.  If a Aquarius has bad energy from you they will probably never forgive you.
Sometimes a Aquarius will forgive you because of their heart and soul is warm.  If you can convince them of that then you will be a forgiven person.




Not a forgivable sign. You can alert the wrong fish of this pisces and it will feel like the Devil is front of you.  This signs makes a lot of decisions off their intuition so if they feel like you a bad person still, then it will be hard for them to forgive you. 
Apologizing to a Pisces is by secular gifts or money


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