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My Zodiac is Stressed Out !!



Stress is one of most leading causes to death and diseases.  Life can throw so many curve balls that your mind is always running trying to get yourself out of things and into a better situation.  People have different ways of dealing with stress.  Some people exercise, drink alcohol, eat, read, watch tv, or some people just deal with it.  However what stresses out a Aries, may not be the exact something that stresses out a Virgo, or Libra.  What are some of your stress triggers??


Aries -  feels vulnerable when their vibrant energy runs out and a task can not be accomplished

Taurus -  stress when they hurt someone, or they can't resolve a dispute

Gemini -  little things stress them, slow and stubborn people

Cancer -  feeling unsafe is the main stressor

Leo -  stressed when they are not in control of a situation

Virgo -  stress themselves out by thinking too much.  Trying something new or unfamiliar can cause stress also

Libra -  stressed out when not being treated fairly

Scorpio -  stressed by loud noise and yelling.  Also when they don't get enough privacy

Sagittarius -  stressed by somebody applying too much pressure towards them

Capricorn -  stressed by themselves because they demand a lot of themselves.  If they fall short of expectations then stress comes

Aquarius -  become stressed when they can't explain doing what they want without a good reason

Pisces -  stressed if they can't yield themselves by rude people and similar encounters





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