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Does Your Sign Lie??

So although each and every zodiac may be put in comprismising positions in life.  The question is, which sign will be the first to tell or lie or even lie on a constistent basics.  Now nobody is perfect, but from a astrology standpoint some zodiacs can be trusted more then others.

So lets take a look and see if your sign IS A LIE !!

Aries - pretty honest in personal relationships, with family,  and friends. Aries have great ambition so if they lie its usually to reach personal goals.


Taurus - They are not technically  liars, but that doesn't mean they will not tell one. They are very stubborn so at times will twist the truth in manipulative ways to achieve whatever goals. Have to be careful trusting some Taurus.


Gemini - They have a difficulty of being committed to love partners. Non commitment  equals LIES. They can be the masters of contradictions. So they will tell a lie and not even know thats what they did. Be careful telling secrets to them.


Cancer - Very strategic if they are going to lie. If they decide to, it usually hard to tell due to their crafty ways. Overall they rarely lie at all.


Leo - Considered to most people the biggest liars. If nothing exciting  is going on in their life, they will invent something. Which can at times  takes them lieing.


Virgo - Selfish but not liars. They will tell you the truth then lie to you.


Libra - One of only zodiacs that likes to lie, but not so good at it. Once they are caught in a lie they will say they didnt mean to cause harm.


Scorpio - Astrologers have described Scorpios as the most manipulative, vindictive, and jealous people. With that said, telling lies are apart of their DNA


Sagittarius - These individuals do not lie at least not directly. Matter of fact they are too honest sometimes. Sagittarius do not like showing weakness, therefore they may lie to you to make sure you don't enter their realm and find out the truth about them.  They also  If its anything a Sagittarius may do is lie about saying you was right and they were wrong. 


Capricorn - Hard for them to lie, although it can happen. Capricorns are not good at covering up their tracks.


Aquarius - Usually very honest, unless they lie to themselves. Love to gossip and cant keep many secrets


Pisces -  For most Pisces they have a hard time seeing the difference between the truth and fantasy.  Like the Aquarius they will lie to themselves a lot.  They tend to put their fantasy world first and not the actual truth.  With said they will definitely lie !! 


Although every zodiac sign has the ability to lie !!  It seems that the signs that you should look out for the most are Leo, Scorpio, and Geminis'. 


  • JT

    I completely agree Angela! I can’t stand liars and I’m terrible at lying. People assume I have a hidden agenda sometimes bcos I can be quite secretive, but that’s only bcos I like to keep things to myself. If asked, I will tell the truth or nothing at all.

  • Angela Brown

    The above comment about Scorpios having lies as part of their DNA is way off, we love the truth, can handle it and hate lies and untruths in all forms

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