All About a Libra

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All About a Libra

DATE:  9/ 23 - 10/ 23
QUALITY:  Cardinal
ALIAS: The Scale


The Libra, a zodiac of balances, which is their lifelong goal.  The scale doesn't like conflict, fighting and unhappiness.  They love surrounding themselves with positive people and avoid any confrontation at all cost.  On the other hand it can be hard to get a response from a Libra due to their sometime indecisiveness.  Libras want to please everybody which causes a ample amount of guillibleness.  They are more likely to be taken advantage of then the other way around.  The Libra doesn't like hurting a person's ego.  They will tell you "you've lost weight on that diet" when you just gained weight.  The Libra is shy about putting their feelings on front street to maintain a calm base.  


They love excitment adventure, new situations, and the unusual.  They have mastered relationships from business, personal, or family.  Nobody is able to see another's point of view better than a Libra.  They love initating ideas and like others to do the work.  


The Scale has potential to be a good leader.  Libras easy going attitude can cause them to sometimes fall short of their goals.  They will only stand up for themselves when they feel something is unfair.  They love high end luxury things.  Tippin the scale isn't part of the Libra nature.


Strengths:    strategic, elegant, friendly, courteous, socialable, peace loving, welcoming, charismatic


Weaknesses:     superficial, cocky, avoid conflicts, grudge carrier, unreliable


Famous Libras:  Lil Wyane, Kim Kardishian, Will Smith, Bruno Mars, Simon Cowell, Avril Lavigne, Nick Cannon, john Lennon, Hugh Jackman, Catherine Zeta Jones, Anthony Hopkins


Libra Careers diplomat, party planner, artist, painter, interior decorators, actors


Compatible Signs:  Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius


Least Compatible:  Cancer, Capricorn




The Libra woman, known as the master of seduction.  The Libra woman displays her taste of classiness and elegance, so taking her to any of those places are dead on.  Libra woman always like to be reminded how much they are appreciated.  Once a relationship has become more stable she stop her seductive ways because she is lazy in love.  Sometimes a Libra woman needs her time along alone to re-invent her thoughts.  Being very romantic to the Libra woman is important so you will not loose your interest.  The Libra woman's charm allows them to connect with people easily.  The Libra woman is warm and refined and looks for haramony and balance everywhere.  The Libra woman doesn't like aggressive or tense situations.  They rather be quiet then argue.  A Libra woman likes somebody whom is non-aggressive and that is tremendously romantic.





The Libra man is a romantic person.  He is constantly in search for the perfect woman which doesn't exist.  He loves to be appreciated being he is a pure sucker for flattery.  He doesn'ts like pressure being put on him.  If he can't make a decision then he wouldn't mind if you took over and did.  The Libra man wants to please his partner in every way.  He will put his lover's pleasure before his anyday.  He tends to always avoids all and any type of conflict.  He usually sees all sides of every agrument.  He never wants to make a wrong decision so sometimes he doesn't want to make one at all





The minute a Libra gives their heart its yours for life.  They are not known for giving their hearts at all though.  The delicate Libra is very aware if their love isn't received back when they give it out.  Libras are definitely about romance and charm.  The small things mean the world to a Libra, if those small things are not done the Libra will get highly upset.





Gemini - You both understand each other and can be long lasting.  Both are very socialable and love romantic spots.  Both will agree on each and everything.  The Gemini will be passionate of you Libra.  Both are extremely intellectual.  Boredom will never come about with you two.


Aquarius - Both share similar qualities, both love socializing and making new friends.  However the Aquarius anger and frustration may tap into the emotional side of you.  You both will never get bored with each others company.  This combination is exciting and sensuous.


Sagittarius- You love balance and harmony.  Sagittarius are fun loving and intelligent.  You can easily switch emotions going from happy to gloomy.  The simple Sagittarius are simple and innocent and can support you in finding balance.  But the Sagittarius are too innocent to suggest right actions.


Leo - The Leo lives with great finesse and impresses you Libra.  Since you are so supportive of the Leo's every move, the Leo doesn't mind sharing the limelight whenever it spills over.  The Leo is always the King and  you Libra do not mind following





Cancer - The moody and volatile attitude is a area of problem for a Libra.  The value of harmony the Libra needs can cause the two to be very frustrating to one another.  Another difference is the Cancer's stay at home approach versus the Libra's social friendly acts.  Cancers can see going out too much can be a form of betrayal.  Cancers does not take flirting well no matter how harmless Cancers seek a high level of emotional response, but lack harmony so this creates a dissatisfication with the Libra.  Cancers prefers time with family and are far more reserved and hides their feelings even with people they love.  To the social Libra this can be a problem.  


Capricorn - Capricorns can be more focused on work/studying, and planning career moves.  The Libra is focused on making a marriage work while the Capricorn puts focus on their career success.  Capricorns are more serious then the light hearted fun Libra.  The Capricorn can appear like a parent then a lover at times.  A Capricorn likes putting work first, so if socializing is apart of that then they are a "social" Capricorn.


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