All About a Scorpio

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All About a Scorpio

DATE:  10/24 - 11/21
ALIAS: The Scorpion



Like a Scorpion a Scorpio can lash out when they are upset or backed in a corner.  Passion surges this sign which leads to decisions fueled by fire.  With that said the Scorpio doesn't always think things through.  Emotion and stubbornness is the makeup of a Scorpio.  Despite the churning of emotions this sign is always in control.  They have a magnetic personality and brave demeanor that can turn vengeful if motivated.  Don't cross a Scorpion unless you want the stinger.  Scorpios want control of all situations which creates a great deal of skilled under the radar manipulation.  The Scorpio always wants to know why, where, and any other detail to figure out any situation.  The independence of a Scorpio is fierce.  Unlike most zodiacs they are not too social.  That gives them the control that they are looking for.


 Boy oh Boy a Scorpio is very emotional.  They have intensified good and bad emotions, which leads to a powerful drive to succeed.  Scorpios are very weary about trusting anyone.  You have to gain their trust tremendously.  Best thing to do is to be honest to a Scorpio and you will have a loyal lover or friend.  


Most relationships with a Scorpio are always complicated.  They can be moody and jealous, but also extremely loyal.  They can hold a grudge for somebody that did them harm.  With that said they rarely forgive and forget.  They are known for their perservance so don't bet against them.  The Scorpion lives on their terms and feel they control their own destiny.



Strengths:    loving, imaginative, observant, influential, trustworthy, passionate, energetic, knowledgeable


Weaknessess:    jealous, manipulative, distrustful, stubborn, secretive, scheming, 


Famous Scorpios:  Bill Gates, Matt Smith, Ciara, Drake, Leonardo Dicaprio, Katy Perry, Emma Stone, Kevin Jonas, Demi Moore


Scorpio Careers:  Surgeon, psychologist, doctors, scientist


Compatible Signs:  Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo


Least Compatible:  Leo, Aquarius






The Scorpio Woman is very emotional and very demanding.  She presents the right challenge with the right rewards.  The Scorpio woman is very flirtaous and seductive.  She will not give a man her heart easy because she is weary of trusting another person.  She yearns a committed relationship, but the man must be trusted and not be controlled.  Scorpio women loves to feel wanted.  Getting her something especially for her, will gain you brownie points.  Scorpio woman like if you show interest in their passions.  The Scorpio woman has a strong sex drive so you must keep up or she will flee.  The Scorpio woman is very sensitve so don't hurt her feelings.  She is prone to getting jealous so watch your flirting.  The Scorpio woman will notice just about everything you do.  She also doesn't like personal questions




The Scorpio man is a incredibly curious person that wants to learn about everybody and everything but usually wants to figure things out by themselves.  This independent man controls his own destiny and lives his life on his terms.  The Scorpio man is full of desire, determination, while being stubborn and resourceful to get what they need accomplished.  The Scorpio man is not similar to any other zodiacs.  It can sometimes be hard for this male figure to form a real relationship.  The Scorpio is very secretive espescially about being lonely and unfulfilled.  Never toy with a Scorpio man.  Just like the Scorpio female, he gets jealous and possessive and does not want any woman to control him.  Scorpio men are very moddy and their moods change all the time.  They are excellent protectors and will make sure a lady is always safe




To a Scorpio loves is everything.  It is supreme to them and better understood in a more physical way.  Sex is very important in the Scorpio's world.  Its their way of human with spiritual dose.  Scorpios are protective, gentle, and loyal.  They analyze every detail of a person before deciding who to choose.  Once they fall in love they are intensely involved.  Although Scorpios have a hard external, they are insecure and scared type





Pisces - The Pisces is very charming and generous.  The Pisces understand you perfectly and will always attempt to make you happy in return.  The Pisces tend to be emotional so you need to watch what you say.  The Pisces compassionate nature will counter the demanding nature of you and lead to the understanding between you two.


Cancers - Both of you are caring, emotional, and sensitive.  The Cancer is adaptable and can deal with your possessive characterisitcs.  But you Scorpio should not take advantage of the Cancer.  You are driven off of passion while the Cancer yearns for a emotional attachment.  The Cancer has a great connection with you on a whole different level.  This connection may last a life time


Virgo - Both would have to make a team effort to deal with any problems.  The Virgo can be demanding and fussy just like you Scorpio.  With the Virgo always analyzing situations, it tends to irriate you.  The Virgo has all the traits for a lasting relationship.  Much compromise is needed but the relationship can be very romantic.





Leo - Both love, hate, respect, and depise each other.  Leo's love drama.  They are passionate, charismatic, and egotistical.  Leo's will look to the Scorpio for admiration and praise.  The Scorpio will withhold it.  The Leo can be a ultimate flrit.


Aquarius - These two signs are like magnets when near each other, but they repel because of their distrubted force.  The Aquarius is engaged with the atomsphere and people, always looking around to pick up different vibes.  With the Scorpio on the hunt for intimate levels, it can cause problems with the needs and wants of both signs.  The Aquarius likes to look at things from a distant perspective, while the Scorpio likes to dive in all the way looking at all angles.


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