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All About a Virgo

DATE:  8/23 - 9/22
ALIAS: The Virgin



The virgin, which shouldn't take for face value.  The notion of the Virginity has a lot to do with attitude and the need to strive for perfection.  The virgin presents a calm and collected exterior but on the inside nervous uncontrolled intensity in the mind.  They try to figure everything out, how to imporve everything analyzing and thinking.  The Virgin's perception is their reality.  In their mind what they believe is what will be.  If they have a negative outlook in life, they will be negative and very moody.  If they are positive then their vibe is just that, they will be very pleasant.  


In order for the virgo to be happy and successful they must have the proper attitude.  Most people look up to Virgos for friends, reason being they are straight thinkers and solve problems with a logical mind state.  It is sometimes difficult for a Virgo to lie, they are known for being truthful, loyal, and determined.


 Also the Virgin may be perceived as cold and emotionally detached.  Reason being is because they live in their minds not in their emotions and feelings.  The virgo lives in denial, so it can be hard to pin them down.  Due to the denial of a Virgo comes a great deal of naiveness.  They tend to always want to be right and think they are right.  Communication can sometimes be posed as a problem.  


The virgo is not really accustomed to biting their tongue nor do they believe in it.  So if you can not take a brutually honest individual do not go near a Virgo


Strengths:    detailed, watchful, dependable, clear-cut, helpful, analytical, self disciplined, intelligent, responsible


Weaknesses:    doubtful, fussy, can seem cold, meddlesome, all work no play, critical over others and self, selective, overdoing pratical mentality


Famous Virgos:  Michael Jackson, Cameron Diaz, David Cooperfield, Bill Murray, Paul Walker, Pink, Kobe Bryant, Adam Sandler, Nick Jonas, Jack Black, Caroline Sunshine


 Virgo Careers:  accountant, research analyst, healthcare, practioner, policeman,


 Compatible Signs:  Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer


 Least Compatible:  Gemini, Sagittarius




The Virgo woman may seem harsh and detached, but she is really reserved and soft which lies a strong passionate woman with devoted love.  Playing hard to get is just what the "virgin" does.  Reason for this is because she is worried about revealing her emotional weaknesses and getting hurt.  She takes patience at impressing her.  Once you have her she is devoted for the long term.  She is very old fashioned and can add order to one's life.  Virgo woman are not a fan of dirt and messiness.  They are a sign of the perfectionist, so if you are not that then stay away.  Virgo women can be critical and opinionated.  Like the Scorpio, Virgo women can be very private, jealous and even bad tempered.  If you like a challenge this virgin is for you.




The virgo man has a cool exterior and sensitive interior.  He likes woman that stirs his emotions because he will not express his own.  The Virgo man takes patience and understanding.  He doesn't get close and if one try it will make him feel threatened.  He prefers a classy lady not a unconvential, or a spontaneous lady.  He is a predictable guy and needs a predictable lady.  He is not the sweep you off your feet type but is very loyal.  A Virgo man likes quality in everything even in relationships  and he is a pure perfectionist.  The Virgo man is for the lady a stable solid relationship.




The perfectionist of the zodiacs.  Devoted, and loyal, the Virgo is pretty good at taking care of loved ones.  The Virgo has a independent mentality even pertaining to their partner.  Virgos are huge on health and will try to encourgaged their mate to do the same.  Most Virgos would like to have partners that are similar to them.  Virgos are so logical its hard for somebody to meet their standards.  They would rather be by themselves then settle.  Being a realist is what a Virgo tends to be attracted to.




Taurus - The taurus is stable enough to soothe your worrying tendencies.  You Virgo do not have to worry about the Taurus partaking in spontaneous, adventurous events, and that really comforts you Virgo.  The Taurus has no problems in you doing things in logical fashion.  You love that the Taurus takes their time to approach romance.


Cancer - Cancers don't mind your perfectionist ways because it makes the Cancer feel secure.  You two usually have a wonderful time with give and take since both are pleasers.


Scorpios - Both respect strong committments and love.  Only downfall Scorpios are secretive while you are logical and expressive.  So that leads to compromise.  Both are devoted to family and enjoy raising children.  The Scorpio's passionate adventurous sexual nature can at times overwhelm your shyness.


Capricorn - Capricorn as hard workers and loves to look good.  While you love for things to look good. Capricorn takes the long term view when it comes to life.  Both find it easy to communicate their needs to each other.  Only pitfall is that both can forget to nuture their romance.  They must keep the spark in their relationship.  Your sometimes naive nature can dissappoint the Capricorn.




Gemini - Both approach life differently.  Gemini can be very flighty and the Virgo gets exhausted by this quickly.  The Gemini's detachment and changeful attitude can cause trouble for the Virgo.  A Virgo must be able to adapt to the Gemini's flirtatious nature.  Gemini can be more intellectually focused than the Virgo, but they don't have a gift in relating to others.


Sagittarius - Both are highly independent while also being adaptable and open minded.  The Sagittarius is outgoing and adventurous while the Virgo is cautious and reserved.  The care free Sagittarius nature can disrupt the productive Virgo.  When it comes to separating work from play the Sagittarius creates differences with the Virgo.  The Sagittarius will come off as reckless and irresponsible, while they consider the Virgo way too serious.  The Sagittarius is direct and blunt when it comes to love and affection.


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